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About Us

Qualified Safe Engineer

Free Standing Safes, Under-floor Safes, Wall Safes. Key Locks, Combination Locks, Time Locks. Lost keys or unknown combinations. Faulty Safe locks and mechanisms. Safes can be opened, serviced and repaired. Key and Combination lock combinations can be changed, so as to render any lost keys useless.

New keys can be cut to the lock once the safe is open, and the combination changed.

Qualified Master Locksmith 

All types of door locks, cabinet locks, and other locks opened, serviced and repaired (if possible). Locks Fitted and Changed.

If you have lost your keys, the locks can be opened and the combination or locks can be changed so as to render the old keys useless.

Locks of the same model can be "keyed alike" if required, which gives the convenience of one key operating two or more locks.

Keys cut to lock or to pattern.

Master key systems created and serviced. 

I do NOT do AUTOMOTIVE work and am currently unable to offer a 24 hour service.
Above left: Chubb Combination Lock Dial.
Above right: Milner's 9 lever Triple Stump Powder proof Safe and Vault Lock.
Left: Chubb 8 Lever brass bankers Safe and Vault lock. 
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