Plate 1

Last Update 17 Nov 2011

 S&G 6120, Amsec ESL & KPL



Hole A= S&G Re-locked.  Turn plate over and drill from backside of plate.

Hole B= Bolt.  This hole is used for punching the bolts or retracting the bolts on
             6120, 6121, & 6123 locks.  Also used for the drill point for the KPL
              locks.  Just probe the bolt back.

Hole C= Amsec ESL Drill Point.  When drilling into this lock, you need to push
             the deadlocking device in prior to probing the bolt back.  It will help if
             you use the handle to apply pressure then try again to probe back the

Hole D= Amsec KPL re-locker.  When drilling this hole, drill off the re-locker.
             Once the re-locker is drilled, the re-locker will not prevent the bolt from

Hole E= Amsec ESL re-locker.   When drilling this hole, drill off the re-locker.

Spindle hole attack on S&G locks.

Use the 2 10-32 holes to attach the mini rig to the plate.  Drill into the lock case enough to expose the armature.  Then use a probe to turn the armature to retract the bolt.  If the lock is right hand, you want to turn the armature upward.

After Market Drilling Template.

Price: $ 60.00 + Shipping



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